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We are proud to say that we can supply you SoundCloud followers within a short period of time but still maintaining very high quality. We can slow the speed of the followers down for you so if you wanted a certain amount per day or per week we can also arrange that for you. We do understand your needs and we act upon them but just make sure you contact us first to state your request.


We can guarantee that we are offering you these services at a lower price than any other supplier. We will match any supplier that attempts to undercut our prices providing they have a legitimate website with contact information and they are providing real services not bot generated egg accounts. If you have any questions or would like to put forward a website that charges lower rates then please contact us.


We provide 24 / 7 customer service online and offline. Our online chat support is available around the clock. We have advisers waiting to assist your emails and in case you wish to have an immediate answer or wish to speak with a manager we also allow you to contact us through telephone. We know that it can be a pain when you send emails and no one replies which is why we guarantee a response within two to five hours upon sending an email.


We will provide you your money back if you do not receive your item in the time frame we have stated. To this day we have not been late on a delivery unless the clients link is private or not accessible. You need to make sure that when you order that your account is public until the service has been provided.

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