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Any artist that is out there needs to understand the importance of someone taking the time to play their track on SoundCloud. If you are an artist that is not using SoundCloud then that needs to change today. We allow our clients to buy SoundCloud plays at the lowest rates on the Internet today. We are proud to say that we are the sole providers for such services and will always meet your targets. The idea is to get as many real SoundCloud plays as possible and have the people that are into your music spreading the word about your talent. It is important to gain a presence within SoundCloud as more and more people are signing up to SoundCloud to listen to new fresh uploads from up and coming artist such as yourself.


You should always be looking at ways to increase SoundCloud plays to all of your tracks not just one or two of them. The more SoundCloud plays you have the more respect you will receive which will lead to eventually you being signed or scouted by a label. We at will go the extra mile to show you how to get SoundCloud plays in your own time. You also have the option to test our free SoundCloud plays option as we are so convinced that once you give us a shot you will be back for more. There is no point in uploading so many fresh tracks that you know people are interested in but not having plays on your tracks. Having one track with likes, comments and plays is better than having ten tracks with a few plays and not much happening.


There is no time like the present when it comes to building your profile on Soundcloud. Whether you decide to purchase SoundCloud plays or you decide to go at it alone it is really down to you but what we will tell you is that our method takes away the time, the cost that you would spend on your own marketing and the delivery speed. Being seen as an artist is one of if not the most hardest thing to achieve when there are so many people with the same ambition. Using our company will push your talent to a level where it is seen not only through SoundCloud but all other social networks. We do not just stop at SoundCloud, we will also show you where to upload music for free and provide you tips and ways of how to be seen on SoundCloud.


We as a company allow you to gain SoundCloud Plays simply and effectively. SoundCloud is without a doubt the biggest social media network to be seen as an artist with more and more up and coming artist being noticed though this social network. We have studied this social network from the very birth of it. We understand how important is it to be seen and heard as an artist and that is to be social. This is one of the many sites that we have, we do in fact provide all social media services which you will see at the top of our home page. We have separated our SoundCloud specialist to focus on one smaller site ( this particular site ) to really go into depth with our clients the use of SoundCloud and why gaining plays can move you to higher levels.


We offer our clients low cost SoundCloud plays for a number of reasons, one of them being we know how expensive it is for you as an artist to make tracks in a studio, we also know that there are other sites charging people very high prices. Our aim is to keep your long term business. We know that if we keep our prices low, deliver the plays quickly and provide you with excellent customer service you will come back for more business which again is what we are looking for. If you have any questions at all then make sure you are speaking with our support team or sending us an email to

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