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WELCOME Would like to introduce you to the quickest SoundCloud Supplier on the market. We have been around for a long time dealing with re sellers and large companies but have decided to open our doors and supply to members of the public. We only deal with organic social media services meaning that we do not supply bots or spiders we only provide human Soundcloud Plays, downloads, comments, likes and followers. We are fully aware of companies out there that are pretending and suggesting that they offer organic services when in fact they are damaging your account. We look for long term business with all of our clients and specialize in SoundCloud services as we believe that SoundCloud is and always will be the biggest social network to upload your music to.

ABOUT US is a company that strongly believes in Soundcloud and how much effect it has on an artists image. We look at our clients needs and make it our aim to become a reality. There are thousands of people uploading tracks daily on this social network which means there are a lot of competitors. You need to stand out, you need to make sure that your music is different compared to others and has people talking which is what we do for you. Promoting and making tracks can be a difficult thing to do at the same time which is why your job would be to keep uploading fresh new beats and ours is to market you to the people who would be interested in your style of music.


We have a vast amount of affiliates and contacts that we have been working with for sometime. This allows us to market you through high PR sites leading to you receiving real SoundCloud Plays, likes, followers, comments and or downloads. We also deliver the plays within 24 to 48 hours and go the extra mile to even allow you to test our service before you buy. Our online customer support team will also guide and advise you with any questions you have. They can make a few suggestions as to what you could do in your spare time to boost your SoundCloud profile to new levels. You are always responded to, you will always receive a confirmation of your order and you will always be treated like a v.i.p client. We are a network of people with a vast amount of staff that are here to help you from start to finish.


How many times have you bought followers, likes or even comments where a few days after they have been removed ? With our methods and marketing we have found ways to provide you with organic SoundCloud services. The followers and likes will never drop. The comments will always stick unless you personally remove them. We offer test orders which you can see above that allow you to test what we can do. Most suppliers will not provide this option. We do this to prove what we can do.

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